The Importance of Social Media in Ecommerce [Part 1]

The way we order things online has changed so much these past years. There are many ways to promote your shop online, it would take me a few days to mention all of them, but the thing is that which one is the most profitable for my business.

We need website traffic, but we do not know which traffic we should focus on. I highly recommend starting using social media as the first traffic source for attracting potential customers because it is easier than before. To get started it takes a social media marketing strategy that takes into account of our business.

First of all, we need to set goals. We need to focus on the amount of traffic we are looking to get and our conversion rate. I always recommend starting with smaller goals to make things look realistic in order to make it easier for us to scale everything up.

If your ecommerce is finished and ready to start receiving customers, then you need to focus on promoting some products for sale. It does not need to make you good profit, but it is always a good way to start in order to understand your customers, what they want and how you can satisfy them in order to gain enough data from them to target them properly. You can start by creating a few creatives about the products, it should be easy to understand the information inside the photo or video to make the conversion rate higher as possible.

After creating your social media accounts, you will need to optimize your social media posts, think out of the box and come up with high-conversion keywords in order to increase your visibility to reach an even larger audience. As I previously mentioned, focus only in a few products that your potential customers may be interested in. If you have had already some sales, then let your satisfied customers share their reviews of your products by offering some kind of rewards as it could be a coupon code. These reviews are very powerful and will help you a lot to increase your sales and popularity, they may even lead to personal recommendations.

The best social networks to get started are definitely Facebook and Instagram, the first one is the best for paid traffic. We will get into detail about it soon, but for now focus on Instagram. It is very hard to get started here because with 0 followers not many people will take attention to us and consider buying from us, but they will definitely will if we manage to get a few thousands of Instagram followers, you may not know, but you can actually buy instagram followers and it only takes a few seconds to find a seller online.

Then focus on your posts and try to perform a keyword research to discover new terms that potential consumers are searching to find your products. If invest your time and efforts in the right strategy you will improve brand awareness and increase your sales in order to grow your business.